Wyvern is a Large Dragon-like Robot. He is P.T.'s faithful companion.



biographical Information
Age 3 years


Birthplace/OriginThe Junk Yard
Physical Description
SpeciesRobot: Dragonix
GenderN/A (refered to as male)
  • Red Armor
  • White Eyes
  • Tail
  • Wings
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsThink-It Build-It Shop
  • Flame Breath
  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Agile
Other Information
American V.A.PARADOX
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorPARADOX



Wyvern was created by P.T. in a location known as The Junk Yard. P.T. Used parts from other robots in The Junk Yark to create Wyvern's Circuitry to be able to be Heat-Resistant, However, Wyvern acted more like a servant until P.T. found an EPU within one of the robots, using this, it turned Wyvern from a Mindless Robot, into a Lifelong Companion. After returning home with Wyvern in Bubbletown, Wyvern recieved his Red Heat-Resistant Paint Coating.

Found the Think-It Build-It ShopEdit

Wyvern assisted P.T. in creating the Think-It Build-It Shop, a shop were customers design their very own robot, after an order has been placed with a design, P.T. and Wyvern go straight to work making the robot, geting every inch of detail correct, they are also given an EPU. For the two of them, it normally takes about 1 week (six hours a day) for the robot to be complete.

The Cyber SagaEdit

Wyvern was one of the first Robots to be abducted by Cybernetic, He is turned into Shadow Wyvern, a He appears mostly the same but has a black coat of paint, he also has several new Weapons.


As Shadow Wyvern Edit


Wyvern was created to be heat resistant, so that he wouldn't burn himself down when he blows a stream of fire. Wyvern also has the ability to fly, and can carry about up to three people on his back. Wyvern also, while not muscular in appeareance, can carry heavy loads.

As Shadow WyvernEdit

Shadow Wyvern's abilities are far superior than Wyvern's original Abilities. Shadow Wyvern also has several weapons such as Blasters stored in the arms, 6 inch blades unfold from his hand into 4ft blades. Shadow Wyvern also has a large Energy Cannon that is sometimes seen on his back, while this cannon is attached, he cannot stand upright.

Trivia Edit